With over 15 years of experience in snow and ice management Derrad is a company you can trust and rely on for your winter maintenance needs. Derrad specializes in snow removal and ice management for retail plazas, condominiums, commercial and industrial buildings.

All of our operators have several year’s experience operating and maneuvering snow machines at these types of locations in the most difficult weather. We also have several sidewalk and walkway crews that will ensure safe passage for you, your employees and your clients.

Prior to the first snowfall of the season, your property will be inspected for such obstacles as curbs, fire hydrants, planting beds, handicap parking and any other obstacles that the operator should be aware of during a snow event. These obstacles are marked and noted on the operators instruction guide.

All of our machines, trucks and equipment are regularly inspected by our in house mechanic for proper operation. This ensures we will always be on time to get you on your way quick and safely.

Please contact us to book a time for a free, no obligation property inspection and quotation.